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Regulatory Update News

Why Your Cash Isn't Trash
Weekend Investor: Your cash might be earning more than you think—even as it loses value to inflation.

The Payoffs of Investing Locally
It can be worth it both financially and personally, but there are risks. Here's what you need to know.

How Much Diversification Is Too Much?
We run the numbers to see how much expanding your investment holdings really pays off.

'Alternative' Investments: What You Need to Know
Jonathan Clements provides three broad guidelines.

Terex Is Poised for Heavy Lifting
Crane maker should benefit from several tailwinds.

Taking Stock of Automated Financial Advisers
These online services use computer programs to manage portfolios—and charge far less than traditional brokerages. Should investors bite?

Calling a Market Peak Is Only Half the Battle
Hulbert on Investing: Investors who side-step a bear market often blow the timing of getting back into stocks.

Stock Bargains, Off the Beaten Path
Wealth Effect: Many assets are pricey, but some pros say stocks in countries, including Russia, Japan and Peru, are worth a look.

Keeping Your Portfolio on Track, for the Long Term
There are three question you should ask yourself, says Jonathan Clements.

Investor, Know Yourself
Want to be a smarter investor? Get in touch with your feelings. Deeply buried fears can keep us from taking risks—keeping us safe, perhaps, but also robbing us of potential return.

D.R. Horton Attracts Some Bulls
Home builder's hard-hit stock is now in bargain territory.

Safety and Risk in Ultrashort Bond Funds
These funds are far less volatile than long-term bonds, but investors can still suffer losses.

When Stocks and Bonds Yield Nothing
Jonathan Clements explains how to make your money work harder.

Some See Upside for Halliburton
For better or worse, the company is in fracking.

Books That Can Boost Your Portfolio
Brett Arends suggests some business classics that every serious investor should read.

The Right Way to Invest Globally
U.S. investors have ramped up their holdings of foreign stocks. Yet many still don't own enough—or go about it the wrong way.

Three Ways to Play 'Inversion' Boom
Investors can choose mutual funds or individual stocks to try to benefit from these tax-driven corporate deals.

A Hot Employer Stock Can Burn You
Wealth Effect: Today's young tech tycoons should heed the meltdown of one-time highfliers such as and Webvan.

3 Reasons It's a Good Time for Investors
Growing choices, falling fees and lower tax rates have opened up opportunities that didn't exist decades ago. Here's how to take advantage of the changes.

Weigh Investing Risk Now, Before Markets Sag
Five years into a bull market for stocks, retirement savers should confirm they have an asset mix they could hold comfortably even in a downturn.

Farmland or Timberland for Your Portfolio?
Interest from high-net-worth investors has grown, as people seek income and inflation protection.

Now on Sale: Six Promising Retail Stocks
They've been beaten down, but stand to come back, Barron's says.

The Five Worst Investments for Individuals
Financial experts point to complex products such as "liquid alternative" mutual funds and nontraded real-estate investment trusts that have numerous risks and high fees.

Diversified Investors, Don't Lose Your Balance
Stocks and bonds may both look pricey, but you need to stay allocated to each.

How Realogy Shares Could Soar 25%
The company has strong brands, healthy cash flow and an improving balance sheet.

Putting Your Portfolio in Index Funds
Jonathan Clements explains how to construct a sensible portfolio.

A Good Period for Target-Date Funds
Returns are solid and expenses are down.

How to Check Up on Brokers, Advisers and Planners
The market rally underscores the importance of knowing the standard to which your financial pro is held.

Stocks at Midyear: Better Than Many Expected
Given last year's huge rally and a harsh winter, the market is holding up well.

How to Rebalance Your Portfolio
Wealth Effect: The strategy leads investors to cash out stock-market gains during booms and buy the stocks back—at much cheaper prices—during selloffs, writes Brett Arends.

Time to Question the Stock-Market Herd?
How to think about investing when prices are this high.

How High Fees Can Derail Retirement
Expenses can effectively wipe out the tax advantages of a 401(k) account.

Looking to Beat the Market?
Wealth Effect: Many experts believe it's risky to even try. But a growing body of research points to strategies that might improve the odds.

The Laid-Back Financial Markets
Despite reasons for worry, the bears take a holiday.

Per-Share Earnings Growth Could Slow
Jonathan Clements: The lift from years of tax cuts and underinvestment may be reaching its end.

Emerging Markets Draw Investors Again
Uneven equity markets and low yields at home trump concerns over recent losses.

Pitney Bowes Keeps Itself Relevant
There's more to this undervalued business than postal machines.

Still Afraid of Stocks?
Advisers are trying to lure reluctant clients back into the market.

Is Your Portfolio Globalized?
If you're avoiding non-U.S. stocks, you're throwing away money.

Taking a Ride on Private Equity
Weekend Investor: Industry giants are trying to make it easier for individual investors to bet on their deals. Is it a good wager?

Alibaba's IPO; China Mobile's Gain
As Wall Street eagerly anticipates the e-commerce giant's listing, look into China Mobile, which stands to benefit.

Five Big Investments You Don't Know You Have
For most households, they matter more for growing wealth than stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

You're Paying Too Much in Fees
Weekend Investor: Investors face an array of often-excessive charges. Here's how to get the most from your money.

Shares of Regions Financial Appear Ready to Roll
Currently about $10, the shares have room to run. One analyst figures they're worth more than $13 apiece.

How to Insure Large Bank Accounts
How so-called sweep accounts help depositors get more protection for their cash.

What an International Crisis Could Mean for Stocks
The best course of action: Remain calm and don't sell. If you are bold, you could even use it as a buying opportunity.

Commodities: To Buy or Not to Buy?
The prices of many raw materials are rallying. Here's what you need to know if you are weighing whether to brave a risky market.

How to Spot a Market Bubble
Weekend Investor: Investors can get burned when the air rushes out of a hot market. Here's how to tell when prices are getting dangerously inflated, and a few places where that may be happening now.

Raytheon Stock Is Poised to Surge
The defense contractor benefits from global tensions and cybersecurity concerns.

Funds Investing 101: Make More Money and Worry Less
Simple portfolio ideas that can help investors stay on track with minimum management.

Inside the New 'Rising Rate' ETFs
Are bond ETFs designed to insulate investors from rising interest rates a good idea?

Looking Ahead to Facebook's and Twitter's Future Stock Prices
Hulbert on Investing: One valuation formula predicts more punishment ahead for these two companies' already battered shares.

Riding the Tech Roller Coaster
Highflying technology stocks have been on a wild ride. Here's what they can teach investors about chasing hot markets.

American Airlines Delivers Rich Payout
American Airlines Group distributed the last big chunk of its payout to its bankrupt predecessor's shareholders, delivering a windfall that was even bigger than expected.

Target-Date Funds Continue to Do Well
Strong stock-market gains in the past year and three years continue to be reflected in the returns of target-date funds.

When Bonds Trump Gold
Which is a better hedge against rising interest rates? The answer isn't so simple.

The Great Life-Insurance Temptation
Sales are up for two types of life insurance that offer policyholders exposure to stocks. Potential buyers should be cautious—the policies can be useful in some cases, but they come with significant risks.

How to Save Your Retirement
Many people are at more serious risk of running out of money than they realize. They need to save more—often much more—to compensate.

Are Small Caps Overpriced?
The Russell 2000 index is near its all-time high. The problem: It also looks more expensive than ever.

A Ford Spinoff Now Cruising Along
Visteon's CEO has simplified the company, selling less-profitable operations to focus on businesses with better growth prospects.

Are ETFs Really Cheaper Than Open-End Index Funds?
Open-end index funds often charge lower fees—and are at least as tax-efficient.

Wall Street to Investors: Time to Cash In Some Chips
Even as Wall Street pros celebrate the bull market's five-year anniversary, some are counseling investors to sell select shares and be careful about new investments.

Catch the Next Wave: Capex
As industry upgrades plant and equipment, providers stand to profit.

Stock Picks From Intrepid Advisers
What advisers who beat the market during both the 2007-09 bear market and the subsequent bull market are recommending now.

The World's Riskiest Stock Market?
Russia's stock market is now among the world's cheapest. It could also be a screaming risk.

Can't Save? Change Your Plan
You might do better with a Roth 401(k) or IRA.

Some See a Bargain in MetLife Shares
Insurer stands to benefit from rising stock values and interest rates.

Muni Investors Pay Steep Commissions
Absence of 'best execution' protections allows brokers to pocket spreads.

The Inside Scoop: Officers and Directors Are Bearish
Corporate insiders are far more pessimistic than they were last summer, and that could bode badly for the stock market.

Painting---by the Numbers
Art auctions are generating record sales, but making money on art is challenging and the risk of losses, particularly in the short-term, is significant.

How Safe Are Your Investments, Really?
History suggests many people delude themselves about real returns.

Some Lessons From the Bull Market
Weekend Investor: U.S. stocks have bounced back to record highs since the financial crisis. Here's how to avoid errors that cost many investors dearly during the rebound.

How to Teach Teens About Investing
Consider giving them real money to invest—but not without sharing these three stock-market truths.

Financial Advice for College Freshmen
The Experts suggest ways students can be smart about saving and spending on campus.

Terex Is Poised for Heavy Lifting
Crane maker should benefit from several tailwinds.

'Alternative' Investments: What You Need to Know
Jonathan Clements provides three broad guidelines.

The Leeway in Required IRA Withdrawals
You can withdraw the total required amount from any one, or a combination, of IRA accounts.

Can You Really Afford a New Child?
Many parents fail to plan fully for the financial impact of a newborn.

Now on Sale: Six Promising Retail Stocks
They've been beaten down, but stand to come back, Barron's says.

Short on Retirement Savings?
One plan of action: Work until you're 70 to maximize your Social Security payout, writes Jonathan Clements.

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